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Our tents are constructed using machine and hand-sewn techniques, as were the originals.  Tents are not modeled on a specific tent, but are constructed within the guidelines of research available from Fred Gaede's The Federal Civil War Shelter Tent, Quatermaster General Specifications and images of period tents.  We do not copy currently manufactured tents.  Our tents are laid out and hand-cut in house, by us, and sewn by us.  They are not compatible with any other tent made by another manufacturer.

  These tents use either drill or duck in their construction, with hand-sewn grommets and buttonholes, bone or metal buttons.  Manilla rope is provided, however Hemp can be substituted if requested.  In order to preserve historical accuracy, TENTS ARE NOT WATERPROOF!  In a light drizzle, you will be fine; a hard, pounding rain is another matter. 

Shelter halves:  3 vertical panel construction from cotton drill, machine stitched hems and 
                                    hand-sewn reinforcements, button holes and grommets.  
                                    Manilla tent loops and bone or metal buttons.......................... $  90.00

                        2 vertical panel construction from cotton duck, machine stitched hems and
                                    machine-sewn reinforcements.   Button holes and grommets hand-sewn.                                               Manilla tent loops and metal buttons.              {currently not available}

2 piece tent pole with tin sleeve..........$  18.00

Wooden tent stake.............  $   4.00

(picture is representative)


Mexican War style haversack. Sewn using a combination of machine and hand. Perfect for Southern Militia units..........  $  32.00

The Moses Alexander style is patterned after the measurements and drawings in Confederate Sketch-book.  They are hand sewn in drill or duck with either a bone or metal button closure....$  35.00 

This style of US Federal Haversack is based upon research available in the Columbia Rifles  Research Compendium.  Several patterns are available: entirely machine sewn, entirely hand-sewn or  mixture of the two.  All feature paint/linseed oil finish and come complete with inner bag......$ 55.00

This style of US Federal Haversack is commercially made by several of our suppliers. They are entirely machine sewn, complete with inner bag.......$ 28.00




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