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Buttons and Brass


Brass is from Military Warehouse.*  I do carry some buttons from private sources. Most buttons do not have back marks.

Buttons are for both Union and Confederate armies.  With southern troops, there are many variants of  buttons that it would be impossible to carry them all.  If you don't see it, please ask.  I can probably get it for you.  Same applies for belt buckles. 

 *Military Warehouse no longer manufactures belt plates or box plates.  We are currently looking for a source for these.


  Regimental Letters:  $ 1.25



 Regimental Numbers:  $ 1.50



  US Eagle Buttons: Fatigue blouse, Frock coat, Vest.  Prices are for each.


   Small  $ 1.00                                  Medium   $ 1.25                          Large   $ 1.50


  Tin Buttons, Paper-backed:  Shirts, Trousers, Haversacks         


   Small   $ 0.30                                             Medium  $ 0.35


  Confederate State Buttons:  (your choice of state, if in stock)   $ 1.25


  Block "I" Buttons:  Standard Confederate infantry unit    $ 1.00


  US Belt Plate:  Arrow-backed, for waist belts   $ 13.00


  SNY Belt Plate:  State of New York Militia buckle    $ 9.50


  Confederate Belt Plate:  North Carolina, arrow-backed   $ 12.00


   Eagle Breast Plate: Used on cartridge box strap.  Comes with leather keeper   $ 14.00


  Cartridge Box Plate:  For use on US Model cartridge boxes.  Comes with leather keeper  $ 14.00


  Waist Belt Keeper: 1864, late war.  Fits standard US waist belt  $ 5.00


  Georgia Frame buckle  $  8.75



  Infantry Bugle Hat Device.  Issued as meant to be worn on the Dress Hat.  Photographic evidence has  shown  them to be occasionally worn on the forage cap.



   Infantry Bugle Cap Device  $3.50


  Enlisted shoulder scales.  Mounting hardware included.   $ 55.00


  Cap box and cartridge box finials.  Mounting washer not
  included.   $ 4.95 



    5/8 inch roller buckle   $  1.60                              1 1/4 inch roller buckle   $ 1.95


  Forage Cap Strap Buckle:   Out of Stock

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